The Senior Project Manager will be required full time to meet with various stakeholders throughout and will spend approximately 8 weeks in developing a revised plan and approach for this project (Server Upgrade)

Working under the direction of the Delivery Manager, the responsibilities of the Senior Project Manager will include, but not be limited to the following:
• Review current project plan.
• Prepare a revised approach and detailed project plan based on the recommended changes in direction.
• Ensure all deliverables and milestones are completed as planned.
• Manage the project including, but not limited to, schedule, scope, budget, resources, deliverables and risks.
• Ensure project deliverables and documentation are completed and delivered, as outlined in the Project Manager’s Reference Guide.
• Schedule, organize, prepare material for, and document all project meetings/reviews.
• Proactively deal with issues/problems escalated by the clients, project team , conferring with the Delivery Manager as required.
• Ensure all resources and their managers required by the project are informed well in advance of required times and dates, including role required and tasks to be completed.
• Provide monthly Project Status Reports, Project Projections, Risk and Issue Logs, updated Project Plans, and other control deliverables to the Delivery Manager, as outlined in the Project Manager’s Reference Guide.
• Meet regularly with the Delivery Manager to provide updates on project status, financials, deliverables, schedule, risks and issues, and to escalate any outstanding project issues.
• Meet with Delivery Manager to prepare for client Steering Committee meetings, and to ensure client satisfaction with the project.
• Coordinate project activities as required with all branches.
• Control project and ensure proper change management process is followed to manage, document and seek approval of changes to the project baselines, including schedule, budget and scope.
• Ensure frequent and detailed liaison occurs with all appropriate areas to ensure Transition and Handover occur in a timely, systematic and complete fashion with no disruption to the project plan.

• 7+ years of experience as a Project Manager – Preferably with a recognized professional certification
• Experience working with infrastructure upgrade projects
• Experience with facilitation and negotiation
• Experience with developing project plans and preparing other project related documentation

St. John's, NL
• The assignment is on a full time basis for the first 8 weeks and will continue at approximately 50% for the remainder