The Balance of Plant Shift Engineer may be delegated the responsibilities and authority level of the Area Construction Manager (ACM) during periods when the ACM is absent from his/her position. The Balance of Plant Shift Engineer will have direct reports —the Construction Monitors will report to the Balance of Plant Shift Engineer. Reporting to the Area Construction Manager— Mechanical and Electrical. The Balance of Plant Shift Engineer is responsible to "steer" the overal l construction monitoring effort within his/her assigned area. This includes:
1. Assessing upcoming work areas for issues potentially impacting construction;
2. Overseeing ongoing construction activities for general compliance;
3. Capturing field issues and effecting resolution via established mechanisms;
4. Documenting observations;
5. Facilitating the work by working collaboratively with the appropriate contractors;
6. Providing general safety oversight.

• Assures that all work undertaken by contractors is done in a safe manner and in accordance with approved drawings, specifications and regulations;
• Works and interfaces extensively with the ACM (Area Construction Manager), Contracts Administrator, Disputes Advisor, QA Advisors, Survey Lead, H&S advisors, and Environmental Monitors in order to collectively ensure that contractors are adhering to Execution Plan(s), including all supporting plans and procedures required to ensure that the work is done to the level of specified quality, safety and environmental standards;
• Assures that ACM and all others, as appropriate, are kept informed of events occurring at the work site(s);
• Investigates upcoming work areas for issues or potential issues that may adversely impact construction and takes those steps appropriate to mitigate these impacts;
• Assures that contractors' look-ahead plans are appropriate and include consideration of issues that may impact construction. Provides recommendations, as appropriate, to contractors) to assure construction activities adequately address field conditions;
• Coordinates with any and all team groups to assure proper communications and to effect resolution/mitigation of identified issues;
• Assures that engineering related issues are promptly relayed to the Resident Engineer for action and follows up to assure timeliness of resolution efforts;
• Ensures work areas are inspected/ monitored for compliance with safety, environmental and other related functions.
• Coordinates the work of all construction monitors assigned to the area;
• Coordinates construction surveillance activities with respect to QA inspection activities, field engineering, survey, materials management, H&S Advisors and Environmental Monitors based upon agreed work prioritization with ACM;
• Ensures that required inspections and tests carried out in the field are correctly documented and approved;
• Ensures that there is a sufficient level and competency of monitors available to support the verification of the contractors' work in accordance with the Agreements;
• Coaches and mentors monitors to ensure they are provided with the level of guidance/direction required to fulfil their d uties;
• Coordinates various contractors at points of interface and determines work priorities;
• Issues and reviews Site Instructions issued to the contractors) to ensure compliance with the Agreement and with the Project Delivery Team's work processes;
~ Supports ACM in the reviews and comments on justifications given by contractors for any extra or claims requested;
• Provisions technical support to the Contract Administrator and Disputes Advisor with respect to the review and validation of contractors' progress declaration and certificates;
• Identifies performance trends on safety, schedule &quality and works with ACM to coordinate corrective actions;
• Maintains awareness of resources mobilized by contractors and of the progress of the work;
• Supports the review of contractor Concession Requests;
• Supports management of non-conformances;
• Conducts job site coordination meetings with members of the LCP Team as required;
• Attends various coordination meetings with contractors;
• Prepares regular job progress status reports and review contractors' status reports for the ACM;
• Ensures all 'As-Built' documentation requirements are stewarded.
• Provides technical support to other team members as required.

• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
• 5 years of experience on civil construction projects.
• Experience in performing QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection activities on large civil construction projects.
• Ability to read and interpret drawings, specifications, codes and standards.
• Experience with construction of hydroelectric projects, specifically intake, powerhouse, spillway and transition dams, turbine and generator and balance of plant considered an asset.
• Previous experience with auditing construction QA programs considered an asset.
• Working knowledge of incident investigation /root cause analysis.
• Supervisory experience considered an asset.
• Safety oriented.
• Demonstrated willingness to adhere to the vision and core values.
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with all stakeholders.
• Must demonstrate accountability and ownership for the assigned work area;
• Solid knowledge of engineering principles, standards and regulations relating to construction, inspection and safety standards;
• Strong technical and communication skills;
• Self-starter who identifies priority tasks and puts plans in place to complete;
• Must be a team player but maintain the ability to work independently;
• Demonstrated understanding of Quality Assurance principles;
• Incumbent must be willing to work at site; possibly on night shift.

Muskrat Falls, NL
14/7 rotation