• Work closely with the core project team representing NL’s interests in the project and leading the local resources in that portion of the project.
• Gain a thorough understanding of the core application as input into developing an approach, a budget, and a project plan for the local implementation of the core product.
• Prepare a detailed project plan for the local implementation project based on the recommended approach and strategy.
• Prepare a cost estimate to complete the full initiative.
• Ensure all deliverables and milestones are completed as planned.
• In conjunction with the core team, develop and execute a thorough communications plan for both portions of the overall project initiative.
• Ensure project deliverables and documentation are completed and delivered, as outlined in the Project Manager’s Reference Guide.
• Provide monthly Project Status Reports, Project Projections, Risk and Issue Logs, updated Project Plans, and other control deliverables to the Delivery Manager, as outlined in the Project Manager’s Reference Guide.
• Meet regularly with the Delivery Manager to provide updates on project status, financials, deliverables, schedule, risks and issues, and to escalate any outstanding project issues.
• Meet with Delivery Manager to prepare for client Steering Committee meetings, and to ensure client satisfaction with the project.
• This position has the accountability to lead GNL’s efforts in both the development of the Core system as well as the local implementation once Core is ready for provincial deployments.

- Post-secondary education (2+ year program) computer science, or management from a recognized institution.
- 7+ years of experience as a Project Manager– Preferably with a recognized professional certification.

St. John's, NL