Work closely with the existing GIS project team to create a technical architectural design and high level road-map which includes effort, resources and timelines.
• Develop technical architectures, frameworks and strategies, either for an organization or for a major application area, to meet the business and application requirements.
• Identify policies and requirements that drive out a particular solution.
• Analyze and evaluate alternative technology solutions to meet business problems.
• Ensure the integration of all aspects of technology solutions.
• Evaluate hardware and software relative to their ability to support specified requirements and, by determining potential and actual bottlenecks, and improve system performance through recommended hardware changes.
• Review computer software systems and data requirements as well as communication and response needs and determine operating systems and languages needed to support them.
• Develop, analyze, design, and implement the organization’s storage infrastructure/architecture to ensure high levels of data quality and availability.
• Develop capacity planning, backup and restore procedures for storage capabilities.
• Develop or assist in development of data disaster recovery plans, as they relate to storage capabilities and continuity.
• Develop, implement, and oversee policies and procedures to ensure consistent and seamless storage continuity and capabilities.
• Analyze and evaluate alternative technology solutions to meet business problems.

• 7+ years of experience as a GIS Solution Architect – Preferably with a recognized professional certification and Post-secondary education (2+ year program) in business, computer science, or a related field from a recognized institution.
• Experience designing and architecting ESRI based Geospatial Data Infrastructures
• Experience with non-ESRI GIS software

St. John's, NL