Accountable for the accuracy and quality of the overall project controls reporting and deliverables for the 2020 Long Lake Turnaround.
•The Controls lead will be the sole person that will communicate and distribute information related to budget, forecast, Incurred, and any other related KPI’s costs to the Turnaround Management team.
•Attend weekly team meetings and provide progress updates on the status of Project Controls matters.
•Work with the Turnaround Core Team to develop the Class II estimate required to obtain funding for Turnaround
•Assist the Core Team with Pulling all information required to Submit AFE to Beijing for Capital Funding.
•Provide effective and timely identification of controls related issues and procedures to the turnaround team to enable the development and finalization of the turnaround work scope and execution plan.
•Develop and baseline fundamental controls documents such as schedules, budgets and work breakdown structures (WBS).
•Monitor and explain variance for cost, scope and schedule against baselines during all phases.
•Work with all members of the integrated project team but in particular the Lead Planner, TA Buyer and Logistics Coordinator to ensure that controls processes are adequately integrated into all activities and proper cost tracking process are in place.
•Complete Productivity reporting on key vendors during the execution window to ensure expectations are being met.
•Review progress weekly with management and key team members during the planning and pre-execution phases and daily during the execution phase.
•Ability to identify future potential costs or schedule problems from current data and make recommendations to avoid impacts. Also Identify corrective actions as needed.
•Ensure that project controls data is being gathered from external and internal sources is in a proper format and accurate.
•Work with Finance and Calgary project controls team closely:
oTo ensure proper split of Capital vs. Expense is reached to meet the financial reporting requirements.
oTo discuss controls systems requirements and activities required to ensure overall TA controls are in place.
•Work with the Business Focal Point and CPM Team to ensure that data is uploaded into SAP accurately and on time.
•Participate in project workshops such as risk management, planning and lessons learned.
•Be the liaison between Turnaround, Small Projects group, and Major Projects group to ensure the controls processes for projects being executed during turnaround are understood and followed.
•Review and approve estimates for change orders, trends and extra work orders. Also maintain the Trends and the change orders log.
•Work with planning to develop report formats to allow for calculation of key performance indicators.
•Provides guidance to project management on matters relating to project controls
•Provide any required controls input to the TA Buyers and the TA team for the development of the Contracting and Procurement plans.
•Provide specific controls requirements for data needed from Contractors in the development of tender packages for the Turnaround in a timely manner. Ensure that purchases resulting from the tender process include the controls requirements.
•Record controls related lessons learned throughout each turnaround phase.
•Adhere to Company Policies, Practices and Procedures, report any irregularities.
•Support the Mission Statement, Goals & Objectives outlined in the Project Charter.
•Reviews and approves the Project Controls Closeout Report.

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Local Candidates Preferred
Fly-in Fly-out Possible